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About Us

Matthew Claxton


Synergy Cycles was founded by Matt Claxton in 2018 in Boise, Idaho.  Matt's entrepreneurial spirit led him to the West Coast several years ago on his journey to becoming a business owner.  It was during a vacation where he explored the area on electric bikes that inspiration grabbed ahold of him. 

Over the years, Synergy Cycles has transformed from a mobile rental company to a thriving electric bike/dirt bike dealership in the heart of Boise, Idaho. 

Matt has learned that he's most happy when he's able to help people and solve problems, and that is exactly why Synergy Cycles was created.  Matt saw the need for alternate transportation and how electric bikes could fit that mold.  Because of cycling's health benefits, low cost of ownership, and minimal environmental footprint, Matt knew this was a business that he could put his name behind.  He also saw e-bikes as a great alternative for commuters in their everyday lives, as well as a fun and exciting option for tourists looking to explore the city and beyond. Along the way, he also learned the value of E-bikes for multiple physical rehab and strength training situations, as well as the confidence they provide to anyone that is unsure of their ability to get back home.  Because of all this, in May of 2018, Synergy Cycles was born!  Welcome to the world of e-bikes.  Matt hopes you get as much enjoyment from them as he does.  



Synergy Cycles has grown into a sales, service, rental, and leasing electric bike dealership. We’re hard-working individuals who are looking to help change the future of commuting around town. Our primary goal is to provide an affordable, efficient, and fun alternative to traditional transportation options, and an economical, reliable and enjoyable form of outdoor exercise for people of all ability levels. Automobiles can be expensive to own and operate, and public transportation isn’t always convenient due to its rigid schedule and limited access points. That’s where Synergy Cycles comes in.

Our electric bikes are perfect for all types of activities. 

  • Weekend adventures

  • Cardio work outs

  • Physical Rehab

  • Strength Training 

  • Commuting

  • Greenbelt cruising 

  • Back country camping, hunting, fishing 

  • RV travel 

  • Or even a second household vehicle 


We strive to deliver the best ebikes, at the best prices, with the best customer service