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Are electric bikes safe to operate?

Yes. Our electric bicycles do not go faster than 20 mph. They are considered to be as safe as a traditional bicycle. All normal safety precautions should be followed when riding any bicycle. 


Are there any Laws for riding eBikes in Idaho?

Check out the link below to learn more about Idaho's specific eBike Laws.  
Idaho eBike Laws

What's the difference between throttle-control vs. pedal-assist?

With throttle control, you have complete "on-demand" power. You simply engage the throttle when YOU want assistance from the motor. Pedal-assist refers to the motor engaging by the action of pedaling. Sensors detect when you are pedaling. This activates the motor to provide additional assistance. 

How much does it cost to ride an electric bike?

It costs approximately $10 a year to power your eBike if you commute 200 days a year. This is only pennies compared to the same commute when using a motor vehicle. 

Where can I test ride, rent, lease or buy an electric bike?

We are proud to offer a variety of options when it comes to your electric bike needs. Whether it's a test ride to try your first electric bike or a long term lease, we offer the best built electric bikes on the market. Call us to schedule a time to try out one of our eBikes.

How far can I travel on a single charge?

This depends on the model that you choose. Each electric bike comes spec'd with it's own battery size which plays a factor in it's exact mileage. Other things to consider are terrain, weight, throttle vs. pedal assist usage. 

How long does it take to charge the battery?

4-8 hours depending on the battery capacity and charger size. The more Amp output the faster the charge will be. 

Can I ride my electric bicycle in the rain?

Yes! With the water-resistant battery design, our bikes can be operated in the rain. However, it is important to keep your eBike protected from extensive exposure to water. For safety reasons, you should avoid whenever possible riding your bicycle in the rain. Riding a bicycle in the rain is like driving a car in the snow. You will not be able to stop as fast and must leave a longer distance between you and the obstacles around you. Your brakes will not perform as quickly when they are wet. You will not be able to turn as sharp without the danger of slipping. You must also ride away from or be cautious around painted lines, pot holes, sewer or drain gates, rail road crossings, bridges, wet leaves and any other areas where a slippery surface can form when wet. Keep an eye out for puddles and turn your lights on if you have them. If you live in an environment where rain riding is expected, you should install front and rear fenders if your bike is not equipped with them to provide protection for the electrical components. Use a cover for your bicycle if leaving it outdoors. Extensive rain can seep into the controller and battery and cause water damage.

Do I need a license or insurance?

Every state is different. In Idaho a license is not required to ride an electric bike on bike paths, lanes or trails. There is no Idaho requirement for insurance. You should check your state and local laws governing eBike operation.

How long until a battery needs to be replaced?

With proper care, the batteries can last as long as 5-7 years. Make sure you understand how to store and charge your battery properly as well. 

What is the battery made of?

Our brands use batteries with lithium technology.

What maintenance is required for the batteries?

The batteries do not require any maintenance. It falls more under proper charging, normal use discharging, and storing correctly. Please refer to the battery maintenance guide in your owner's manual for further information. 

How do I get my eBike serviced?

Synergy Cycles has a repair and service shop that we can service your bike here locally. Please stop by or call us to schedule an appointment or to get more details. 
1 What is the difference between purchasing directly from a direct to consumer company online versus a certified dealer?
1.1 What is the difference between purchasing from a direct to consumer company online versus a certified local dealer?

With so many online companies these days we understand the confusion in the market and want to work with you to help you find the right ebike. With Synergy Cycles you are buying from a locally owned and operated dealership located in Boise, Idaho. We strive to do the best we can with customer service and taking care of you and your ebike.

  • We help educate you as the buyer so you know what you are buying and what will work best for you. 
  • We have done the research for you. Talking with our educated sales staff we can  help avoid normal pitfalls when buying an ebike online. Which can save you hundreds if not thousands on your purchase. Let's get it right the first time. 
  • We will help break down all the components and help you decide what will ultimately work best in your riding style. 
  • No pressure sales, we pride ourselves in simply laying out the facts of each brand and guide you through the ebike buying process so you can feel confident in your purchase. 
  • After the sales support. We provide service for your ebike right here in our shop with a live human. No email diags, no making you the mechanic, we will be are right here for you. 
  • Sizing - when  buying from a dealer like us we do everything we can to make sure you feel comfortable on your ebike as well as sized correctly for it. When buying online it can be hard figuring out where the measurements are coming from and how they relate to you. We can take that guess work out. 
2 Battery Questions
2.1 Volts, Amps, and Watts what they mean for my e-bike?

Your e-bike has an electric system that is measured by volts and amps. 

Volts: Voltage is the amount of potential electricity your battery holds. In general, the voltage of your battery doesn’t increase or decrease. Typically you see ratings of 36v,48v,52v ect.

Amps: Amps, or current, refer to how quickly your battery draws electricity during use. You use more amps (and deplete your e-bike battery faster) when riding…

  • With a heavy load
  • Uphill
  • On bumpy and grassy terrain

Watts: Your e-bike battery watts are a measure of the output of power that your e-bike can provide. You can calculate your watts when you know the voltage and amps of your battery.

  • Voltage x Amps = Watts

A 350-watt system can put out up to about 600 watts at peak, but will provide 350 watts of power when riding under normal conditions. The rated power of your e-bike will affect the speed and or torque depending on the configuration. 

This is important to know because not all Ebike manufacturers play fairly. Sometimes they list peak power vs nominal power. Nominal power is more of what you are after as a rider. Peak is nice to know but when comparing apples to apples nominal is what you should be comparing. 

2.2 How long will my Ebikes battery last me?

Check to make sure your you are getting a lithium battery. 

Most lithium Battery's will get 500-1000 charge cycles out of your battery, as long as you are storing it appropriately. 

What does that mean?

With good brand batteries, you can charge and discharge the battery completely 500-1000 times before the capacity depletes to 80% efficiency. Even at that point, your battery is still powerful enough to keep you riding, but it will have less range than it used to. Some people choose to replace it at this time. Contact us for replacement batteries. 

To ensure you get the full life charge cycles, take care of your battery by:

Storing it indoors and out of extreme hot or cold temperatures

Charging it when it gets down to one power bar remaining, instead of letting it discharge completely. If a battery is discharged completely and sits with out getting a charge back into it, it can die off and not take a charge again.

Also don't leave your battery plugged in all the time when not riding this can harm our battery as well.

For more information please feel free to contact us. 

2.3 Tricks to get more miles from a single charge.

Here are some ways to ensure the longest possible ride on a single charge:

Your e-bike will consume much less battery when you begin riding by pedaling instead of using the throttle. Also, stop-and-go riding using the throttle can limit the range of your e-bike. This asks for the most power from your ebike bringing your battery down quicker than pedaling first. 

Next, always make sure your tires are inflated properly. Riding on low-pressure tires will consume more energy. 

When tackling hills, pedal using pedal assistance as needed. For the best range on your rides, don't rely on the throttle to power you up those hills. Thought this is fun to do you will eat up more battery. 

Lastly, use your mechanical gears correctly. Lower your gears while going up hills and raise them on flat and downhill terrain. By helping the ebike you are extending your range. Ebikes make it easy to start and ride in almost any gear but for greater life of not only your battery but your components remember to shift!