Prices starting at $69 / Mo.

Wanting to try out an eBike? Or perhaps unsure if the eBike thing is for you? Then this is the best way to get you started. The Classic Cycle has the design of a traditional bike but the ability to enjoy the eBike experience. This option allows you to glide along your travel route with ease. 



Prices starting at $89 / Mo.

Urban Cycles option gives you the look, the feel, and the distance. Travel the city with ease whether you're going to and from class or cruising the city night life. These ebikes will take you there effortlessly.



Prices starting at $99 / Mo.

The Commuter is designed to get you where you need to go. It has the power to tackle hills, and the battery life for longer trips. This option even has a foldable design for those who have smaller spaces to deal with like the trunk of a car, a dorm room or an apartment.  



Prices starting at $129 / Mo.

Just like the name suggests the Explorer is not just your point A to point B option. This cycle comes equipped with everything you might need to enjoy an electric cycle to its fullest. Longer lasting battery, stylish looks, comfier ride and of course more power. Take these bikes along the road or into the back-country, explore where you want to go.


Synergy Cycles offers a Lease to Own choice that opens up your world to a whole new variety of options. Unlike other companies, we allow you to pay the monthly lease cost and if you decide you love it down the road, A portion of the money you have already spent will go towards the purchase of your very own! This allows you to get comfortable and confident with the bike you want to own. If you love your Synergy Cycle and want to be able to have it for years to come then this is the option for you! 


How Does It Work?

The way it works is simple. Just like the standard lease, select a model of bike that seems like something to fit the style your looking for. Select the book now option and continue just as a normal lease. When we contact you, we will be able to discuss all the details in doing the lease to own option for you. Contact us directly if you have any additional questions that we can help answer. 

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